"As You Advance In Your Musha-Shugyo (Warrior Pilgrimage) Allow Yourself To Transcend The Concepts and Principles, Instead Focus On The Journey And The Lessons Embodied In That Journey." - Trent 'Kuma' Warner

Properly Preparing the Mantle of Responsibility...

Although man can survive alone, when unafraid, it truly takes a team to expand and grow measurably to improve on the basics of life and ensure the God-given freedoms flourish for all who choose to be truly Free.

Recognizing the responsibility of ensuring that succeeding generations are properly prepared to assume the mantle of responsibility for their success in life, it is incumbent upon us to pass on those concepts. Sadly, many seek the paths of least resistance and not the paths of greatest potential.

Simple Exposure to basic concepts in physics as they relate to human nature, life, and electron theory. Much of this was taught to us through schooling and Scouting, reinforced by our Fathers and Father' Fathers, not to exclude our Mothers and Mother's Mothers.

It is often said that it takes a village to raise a child. Nothing could be closer to the truth than the village community of military encampments, forts, and bases around the globe from the beginning of time. Many anthropological examples lend credence to this concept of warriorship.

For it has always been societies warriors who have protected and defended the society whole from external threats and dangers, while simultaneously raising new warriors to replace the old warriors in time.

The TWVAC is primarily composed of US military veterans of various, AFSCs, MOSs, and Rates. Our eldest living contributor is a combat veteran of WW II and Vietnam, with massive amounts of experience dating back to December 7th, 1941. At 96 the Veterans Administration is amazed at his exceptional physical and mental condition for one who has served in multiple theaters of operations throughout his career.

Notwithstanding, we are composed of veterans and still active duty members, who share their thoughts, personal interests, and experiences from their many walks of life, even outside their time of service. All to the benefit of others willing to sit by the campfire, drink a beverage, and glean tidbits of knowledge and wisdom for personal growth and benefit.

The TWVAC, as a whole, continues to learn from each contributor and Kuma has been a great source of outside wisdom and support over the years. On such insight he has imparted is as follows:

"As You Advance In Your Musha-Shugyo (Warrior Pilgrimage) Allow Yourself To Transcend The Concepts and Principles, Instead Focus On The Journey And The Lessons Embodied In That Journey." - Kuma

Iron Sharpening Iron

The TWC brand is the brainchild of many sessions over the decades of "Iron Sharpening Iron" between Trent 'Kuma' Warner and the personalities of warriors that became the Total Warrior Veterans Advisory Council.

For over two decades, 'Kuma', as Chief Executive has served above and beyond in supporting the many active teams in the Global War on Terror. As a lifelong martial artist, born an Air Force dependent and exposed to a myriad of warrior systems since his youth, he ascended to the presidency of the military-based association of warriors known as the Atarashii Budo Shu Kai.

In the Decades that followed 9-11. Kuma compiled countless hours of critical thought on warriorship, learning from the warriors themselves. By examining their component elements and warrior qualities he has concluded that a common core of knowledge, skill, and ability (KSA) make up the Total Warrior composite.

Surviving Takes Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities of a Tribe!

The Kodansha, as well as many senior Yudansha, wanted to impress upon Kuma that, like himself, the Total Warrior is always learning. The planning of missions, and by God's Grace, the overcoming of obstacles inherent to combat preparations and engagements, the Total Warrior understands that you win some and lose others. Many lessons have been learned while objectively studying countless After Reviews and Air Crew Briefs.

It's well known that surviving under fire takes the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities of the individual team members to re-plan on the fly or adjust fire after initial contact with a mission threat or enemy obstacle, be it tangible or intangible. Many lessons were and still are being learned to better overcome these types of obstacles and challenges.

Not always to specifics, but to the successful application of concepts, which lead to constructive thought processes in dealing with life and applying those concepts and lessons learned to the successful conclusion of the day with minimal loss of life, equipment, and to a large degree, a warrior's sanity.

Kuma followed the same path growing up as many active duty warriors, in their younger years, due mostly to his family's military background. We all were taught as young as 8 years old, about self-reliance and personal responsibility.

Science Skill Sets Shaped One of America's Uniquely Warrior Cultures...

The Scouting programs exposed us early to such sciences as Physics, and Thermodynamics asl they applied to daily life. Quite frankly, this was one of America's uniquely warrior cultures with skill sets dating back centuries only to be refined by Lord Baden Powell in the late 1800's.

It is interesting to note that those very skill sets were discovered to be an overt first-strike deterrent factor giving pause to the Communist leadership of the former Soviet Union (CCCP) in their decisions on whether or not it would be worth it militarily to occupy the North American continent, especially after many lessons learned from American resolve during WWII and Korea.

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